TP Link Extender Setup

TP Link Router Login

TP Link Router Login

TP-Link routers are notable and advanced routers available in the market. These routers are built with the best and innovative technology that will help you enjoy high-speed network connection. To get the network connectivity that you have never thought of, you have to set up these routers and manage them. For performing all these processes, you are needed to sign in to your router account. After performing the TP Link router login process, you can execute several functions. Some of the key functions that you can perform are modifying the network settings, changing the channel width, internet speed, and for TP Link Extender Setup.

In-depth Procedure for TP Link Router Login

To perform the TP Link router login process, you must have a router and a computing device. Your router must be set up properly for the process. Both the devices must be connected well with each other and your system must get good signals throughout the login process. Once you are equipped with all the necessities, you can start off the process with the help of below-stated instructions. 

  1. The very first step of the router login process is to run an internet browser on your computer system. Before you launch it, make sure the web browser you are using is updated and reliable to use. 
  2. After that, lookup for the address field of your browser. Invade the associated IP Address or the web URL into the field to reach the login window. The default IP Address of the browser is You can also use the web URL instead of the IP Address which is “”. Once the URL is filled in the address field, you have to press the “Enter” key from the keyboard.  
  3. The TP Link Router login window will now come up on your computer screen. This screen will get the fields for the login credentials. The default TP Link router login username and password is the same i.e. admin. Hence, enter “admin” in both the fields and click “Ok”.
  4. As a result, the interface of your router account will be introduced on your screen. Here, you will get several options on the left-hand navigation panel. By clicking the Wireless option from the list, you can make the changes in the network SSID and security key. For more changes, hit the Network option.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q1. How can I get the TP Link Router Login credentials back when forgotten?

Ans. All the TP-Link routers come up with a default credential i.e. admin. For better security, users are recommended to change this password after performing the first-time setup of your router. In case you forget the login credentials that you have changed, there is no way to recover them. All you can do is to factory reset your router. This will bring back the credentials to the default and you can then change them. 

In order to reset your router, you have to take a pin and move to your router. On the backside of it, you will find a reset button. Press the button with the help of the pin. You have to hold it for around 10 seconds. During the factory reset of your router, you have to make sure that your router is power on and is running. After the completion of 10 seconds, release the button and wait until your device restarts. 

Q2. I want to change my TP Link router login credentials. How can I do that?

Ans. If you want to secure your router from the unlawful address you are recommended to modify the default credentials after the first-time setup. Later to this, you can change the TP Link router login credentials any time you wish. For this, you have to perform the login process as stated above. Once you reach your account successfully, you have to:

  • Look for the “System Tools” option which is positioned on the bottom of the left-hand panel.  
  • As you click the option, the list will expand immediately. Scroll down the list and choose the “Password” option. 
  • This will bring up the fields for changing the router login password and username. 
  • Start by invading the old password and username. Later to this, enter a new username and password. You have to enter the same password twice for confirmation.