TP Link Extender Setup

How to Set Up a TP Link Smart Plug?

TP Link Smart Plug is the best option available in the market for those looking for ways to turn ON their lamps and fans from their phone. Through the smart plug, it gets easier to manage the household electronic devices from anywhere globally with a single tap of the smartphone.

One can revamp their living room, kitchen, and other areas with the help of the Smart wifi Plug. With the help of the smartplug, the user can experience a new way to have control over their home. The user can use their smartphones to set the schedules, turn the device “ON” and “OFF.” Also, one can use the voice commands with the Google Assistant or Alexa to control their devices connected with the TP Link Smart Plug.

The user can quickly turn off their light and other devices with a single tap on their smartphone. Moreover, one can conveniently schedule all lights to turn “OFF” by midnight. The design is also elegant and straightforward, which allows it to blend with the existing decor seamlessly. 

Apart from this, the count-down timer feature gives the user peace of mind by automatically turning off the household appliances if the time limit has been set prior. Moreover, to provide the user with a hand-free experience, it uses voice commands with Google Assistant or Alexa.

Features & Specifications of TP Link Smart Plug

  • TP Link Smart wifi Plug has made it very easy and straightforward for all users to manage and control all connected devices via smartphone. But before connecting Wi-Fi switch to the home network, check out the smart plug features.
  • It allows the users to control all devices via a free Kasa application from their smartphone.
  • Monitor all devices from a smartphone via the free Kasa app
  • Using smart-plug voice commands and any Google Assistant, Alexa, or Microsoft Cortana.
  • Setup the smart plug to turn devices on and off at random intervals when not at home
  • Using grouping to combine the smart plug with other Kasa 
  • Smart devices with a single tap on the smartphone for seamless control.
  • While at home or away with the Kasa smart app, the user can take control over their Kasa smart plug (switch ON or OFF automatically).
  • It works with the wifi that the individual already has at home, and no accessories are required.
  • For peace of mind, the user may check whether the connected devices are ON or OFF from anywhere.
  • Users can build ON/OFF schedules, countdowns, timers, or set up work at dawn and dusk by using the TP Link Smart wifi Plug.

How to connect Smart wifi Plug to the home Network?

All users can connect their TP Link Smart Plug to the home network quickly and straightforwardly. So, go through the steps before proceeding further to connect TP Link Smart Plug to the home network.

Things to consider before proceeding further:

  • The users are suggested to download the Kasa Smart app from “Google Play store” or “App Store” and then install it on the smartphone.
  • Note: Ensure that the smartphone is connected correctly with the home wifi network.
  • Carefully plug-in the TP Link Smart wifi Plug into the power socket.

Steps to setup Plug through the Kasa App.

For all users, below mentioned are the steps through which they can easily setup TP Link Smart wifi Plug through the Kasa App. 

  • First of all, open the “Kasa App” and then log in to the cloud Account.
  • Note:  All new users are suggested to create an account and then log in to the Kasa app with the cloud account. 
  • Then add a smart plug on the Kasa app. Tap on the (+) button and then “Add a Device,” and after this, click on the “Smart Plug.”
  • Now to turn on the home network, follow the on-screen prompts.
  • After this, carefully connect the phone with the Smart wifi plug.
  • Now carefully connect the plug to the home network.
  • After that, provide a name to the Smart wifi plug.
  • After this, customize an icon for this smart wifi plug.
  • Then tap on the “Smart Plug” icon, and then from there, the user can easily configure the advanced settings.
  • Now to enter the interface of the “Device Settings,” press the “Settings” option.
  • After this, to edit the name and the icon of the TP Link Smart plug, click on the “Name and Icon” option.
  • After that, to check the smart wifi plug’s necessary information, click on the “Device Info” option.

Therefore, once the user applies all these steps, then the Smart plug will get configured through the Kasa app. Moreover, once the setup process gets complete, the user can easily manage the device connected with the TP Link Smart plug. You can also checkout how to do TP Link Extender setup.

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